Plus a Thinking Tool:

TeamsWin “Information Heavylifting” with "Power Measurement" -- is a thinking tool, a system and a service that  will help anyone do anything.

And Owner’s Software: Teamwork Measurement, or Business Models that Mean Instant Budgets

See the big picture first. Avoid information overload. Rather than spending time developing rates and factors, the owner is able to first see the rates and factors as trends and changes in trends. “Information Heavylifting” means we can organize your information for decision making (using the business model hidden in your reports).

Owner’s software: See Dashboards and Scorecards for an actual example. You measure your business in reports, maps, plans, charts, catalogs, industry standards, numbers, text, pictures and other media. We just organize those measurements for decision making. Strategic Planning is like making war on a map. We organize your information objectively so the relationships between objects can be displayed as scorecards or dashboards. You can drill down to all the information (relationships) you have collected for an object on your map. Using our owner’s software, each team in your organization can be quickly defined for an instant budget: teamwork measurement.





Information Heavylifting - Business Intelligence

Teamswin Database Services

TeamsWin Measurement
Provides Instant Analysis:

TeamsWin Measurement provides comprehensive analysis of business factors and decision implications. It takes time to measure cause and effect. Over time, some reports give cause, and some give effect. Together, they model a business. In other words, in one report with Teamswin we can measure cause and effect.

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